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       Artist and Record Company Exposure agreement


   This following shall constitute an agreement between Sign the Artist Records Artist with respect to Artist exclusively rendering Artist’s entertainment Service(“Entertainment Services”) for Company, During the term (“Term”) of this Agreement.


ENGAGEMENT:  Company hereby engages Artist to render such exclusive Entertainment Services and Artist hereby accepts such engagement and agrees to render such services exclusively in the Territory, to Company during the Term of

this Agreement.


TERM AND OPTIONS:  The term of this agreement shall commence as of the date hereof and shall continue for Six (6) Months from the date of the Delivery of the recorded online video/Music (“Intial Period”)  Artist hereby irrevocably grants to Company the the option to extend this Agreement upon the same terms and conditions of the Initial Period for one (1) further consecutive renewal periods of one (1) year ("Option Period”). In addition, this Agreement can also be extended upon the same terms and conditions of the Initial Period for (2) two additional periods, beyond the first Option Period, of (1) one year (“Options Period”), in which both the Company and Artist must be in mutual agreement. Each Option Period shall be exercised automatically unless Company or Artist gives written notice to the other within thirty (30) days prior to the date that the Contract Period would otherwise expire, that Company or Artist does not intend on exercising its right to extend this Agreement under the respective Option Period. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Company shall not have the right to exercise the respective Option under this Agreement if Company fails to release an Album in the preceding Contract Period as set forth pursuant to the terms.


SERVICES: Company is hereby engaged to provide various services within the furtherance of Artist’s career in the music industry as set forth in this Agreement.




4. MANAGEMENT SERVICES: Company agrees during the term of this Agreement to advise, counsel and assist Artist in connection with all matters relating to Artist's career in all branches of the music industry. Company shall be required only to render 2018 Sign the Artist, Entertainment Six (6) Contract Recorded Online Video. the 2 of 19 reasonable services in furtherance of this Agreement as and when reasonably requested by Artist. Company shall not be required to travel or meet with Artist at any particular place or places, except in Company's discretion and following arrangements for cost and expenses of such travel, such arrangements to be mutually agreed upon by Artist and Company. Company’s management services shall include without limitation the following: a) in decisions concerning Artist's professional activities and career in the entertainment, amusement, music, recording, and literary fields; b) with respect to the adoption of the proper format for presentation of Artist's talents and in the determination of proper style, mood and setting in keeping with Artist's talents and best interest; c) with respect to general practices in the entertainment, amusement, music, recordings and literary fields, and with respect to compensation and terms of contracts related thereto; d) with respect to matters pertaining to publicity, promotion, public relations and advertising; e) with respect to matters pertaining to such matters as Company may have knowledge concerning compensation and privileges extended for similar artistic values such as songwriting, merchandise, endorsements, etc.; f) with respect to agreements, documents and contracts for Artist's services, talents, and/or artistic literary and musical materials, or otherwise; and


g) with respect to the selection, supervision and coordination of those persons, firms and corporations who may counsel, advise, procure employment, or otherwise render services to or on behalf of Artist, such as accountants, attorneys, business managers, publicists and talent agents. f) Company may, on Artist's behalf, do the following: i) approve and permit any and all publicity and advertising; ii) approve and permit the use of Artist's name, photograph, likeness, voice, sound effect, caricature, literary, artistic and musical materials for purposes of advertising and publicity and in the promotion and advertising of any and all products and services; iii) execute for Artist on Artist's behalf any and all agreements, documents, and contracts for Artist's services, talents and/or artistic, literary and musical materials, provided Artist is unavailable to do the same on Artist's behalf, Artist has been apprised of the material terms thereof and Artist has granted Company the authority to execute such agreements in each specific instance; however, Artist shall execute all major contracts in the areas of recording, publishing and merchandising; and


v) collect and receive sums as well as endorse Artist's name to all checks payable to Artist for Artist's services and deposit these checks in Artist's bank accounts.


During this evaluation period, the Artist agrees to pay $250 to begin the promotion process which will cover Online Exposure.  During this process, the artist cannot sign with any other labels or seek any endorsement deals until the end of the contract period. At the end of the Six (6) months, the Artist will be evaluated and may be offered a contract extension or dropped from the Label.  However the Artist may rejoin the Label at anytime. 

By Making the payment below the Artist agrees to being a featured artist on Sign The Artist Platform.

                            Join Below for a 6 Month Exposure Deal


The Artist has agreed to a payment plan which the first payment will be start off at $50.00 If the Artist does not keep up with the payment plan the Artist can be dropped or banded fromt he Label


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