How does it work? What do we do?

SignTheArtist is a multimedia platform for the Unsigned Artist to get to the next level.  You can be seen by Record Labels or get Exposure needed to make it to the next level.

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How much can an Artist get paid for signing and what's your price for promotion?

It varies you can Click here for more details and review our payout and promotion chart.

How can I add my music video on for free?

You would have to be a featured artist or have paid for a promo within the past 3 to 6 months (Quick Add Click )

Do we sign artists?

Short answer, Yes


What type of deals do we offer?

Record Deals, Exposure Deals, 360 Deals, Artist Development Deals, we basically build relationships between the artist and music industry companies. We also offer financial support to the Artist, including direct advances as well as support in marketing, promotion, touring, and other areas.  The Artist must be a top tier to be considered.

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Where can I get a T-Shirt?

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Who can make an offer to an artist?  


Anyone with a bank account and money to invest in the Artist's work.


Who contact's the Artist once a deal is done?


We will work with the Artist under the terms of the Label that will be signing the Artist until the paperwork is completed.  


Who is responsible for the Artist once the contract is set?


The label or investor

Do we offer any legal support?